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Which Puppy?

Think Size!

They don't stay young forever and for some, they won't stay small either. It is really important that when you are choosing a puppy you have considered the potential size of the adult dog.

Dogs come in all sizes ranging from tea-cup to giant breeds and everything in between. Tiny dogs are adorable but it would be worth noting that they can be sensitive to handling which means they may not be suitable for young children. We can (and should) teach children appropriate play and handling of puppies and dogs, however, it may be best to consider a hardier dog who will enjoy playing with children.

Larger breeds tend to cost more. They eat more so food bills will be more expensive. Vet costs and insurance will be higher, as they require larger doses of treatments.

You should also consider common health like hip problems in larger breeds or breathing issues in some specialised breeds for example.

Small and large breed dogs will all benefit from training classes. Many people assume their tiny dog will not need training but small dogs can end up with large attitudes if they are not trained and socialised appropriately.

How active are you really?

If you think a puppy will make you walk a few miles each day chances are they won't. If the kids have told you they will take their turn walking the dog every day, chances are they won't. Think of how you live now. Whether your go hiking at the weekend or love chilling on the sofa, there will be a dog who will live life at your pace.

Every dog owner has to factor walks into their lives but be realistic to the amount of exercise you will dedicate to the next 10 years. Dogs are like us, some will just adore park runs every weekend and some will be more than happy with half-hour dander, a good sniff, and an evening on the sofa. Make sure you find your perfect match.

Coat Care

Our puppies need to be pampered just like us. The amount of grooming required will depend on the type of fur your dog has. Now all dogs need to have their coats brushed daily but some will require so much more.

Short coats we class as low maintenance as they require the least grooming but will be some of the worst for casting. A tiny Jack Russel can leave an unbelievable amount of hair all over your house and clothing.

Long Coats are high maintenance and will definitely require a thorough brushing every day to avoid matting and knots. They may also benefit from professional grooming to help maintain their beautiful coats.

Curly coats are very high maintenance and will most certainly require monthly professional grooming which can work out quite costly. This type will also require daily brushing and combing to keep the coat knot-free.

Then you have those floppy or fluffy ears. These pups are more prone to ear infections and require special attention to help avoid re-occurring problems.

So really think about the grooming needs and costs of the puppy you want. Are sure you can keep up with the time and potential cost of keeping their coats healthy?

For home grooming, puppy classes will help you learn about appropriate handling to get a puppy comfortable with being groomed.

Ready to Pick Your Puppy?

Once you have done all your research and you are ready to make to commitments to providing your puppy with adequate dietary, lifestyle, training and grooming requirements. you are ready to go find your perfect puppy!

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