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Chesters diet has always been an issue. He is fussy with food and we struggled to find one that didn’t upset his tummy. Some brands digested well but didn‘t rank well nutritionally.

Being an IMDT trainer I was approached by Butternut Box to become an ambassador for their brand as they are now delivering to Northern Ireland. As I don’t want to promote something that I haven’t try I decided to trial their food with my fussy cockapoo!

We have been feeding Butternut Box for 3 months now and wow! Chester still loves it! We get a frozen deliver every 2 weeks, he gets exited to see his post arrive. His tummy can be sensitive so we introduced the different proteins slowly so we could tell if any upset his tummy, We have had no loose poops from we started. When it comes to the flavours he loves all of them but the fish dish, he never has eaten fish though. The service has been hassle free so far. You can easily go online and change your order or delivery date. It cost approx £2:85 per day.

The All about dog food website give Butternut Box a nutritional rating of 94%. Chester gives it massive Paws Up also.

If you would like to try Butternut Box you can use the link below to get 50% discount on you first 2 boxes.

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