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About Teaching Tails

Teaching Tails promotes a positive approach to dog training, teaching owners how to get more of the behaviours they want through rewards such as treats, praise and play. Reward based training is not only fun but it is kind and encourages a relationship built on mutual respect. When getting rewarded with treats and play how can your dog not be enthusiastic about learning?!

Your Dog Trainer

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Cathy Donaghy IMDT

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! 

My name is Cathy and I'm from Belfast. I grew up absolutely loving dogs and we have always had a dog in our home. 

I first got to work with dogs when I was a teenager as a volunteer for the USPCA. A couple of nights a week I used to walk, feed and give the shelter dogs some well deserved cuddles. 

Here, I realised that a large number of dogs were being surrendered to shelters simply due to lack of training. Their owners believed they were too boisterous, when the reality was the dogs were untrained and the owners lacked understanding of the need for even the most basic dog training. 

This is why I am so passionate for dog training! 

I am a fully qualified and insured puppy and dog trainer. I completed my training and assessment with the IMDT.  I am also been mentored by The Puppy Specialist,  Lee Hobbs from First Class Dog Training. 

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