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The Five Freedoms

The five freedoms are basics needs that must be met to ensure the welfare of your dog.

FREEDOM FROM THIRST AND HUNGER Your dog must be provided with a nutritional diet and have access to fresh drinking water. Supplying your dog with their daily meals increases their bond and trust with you.

FREEDOM FROM DISCOMFORT Shelter your dog from the elements and provide them with a warm and comfortable place to rest to make them feel calm and content.

FREEDOM FROM PAIN, INJURY OR DISEASE Your dog must trust that you will look after them. It is important that your dog has regular veterinary checks. Dogs that have ongoing pain can display behaviour problems.

FREEDOM TO EXPRESS NORMAL BEHAVIOUR They bark. They dig. They sniff... a lot. Let them be a dog if you allow them outlets for their favourite doggy past time they will be a lot more calmer and focused.

FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND DISTRESS We should always make them feel protected. We should do our best to never use fear when training them. We should strive to build a trusting relationship where they know we will keep them safe.

Ensuring you create an environment that adheres to these 5 freedoms will help your puppy develop into a well-balanced

adult dog. Many behavioural problems in dogs develop because one or more of these basic needs are not being met.

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