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Sleepover...On the Mourns.

The COVID-19 crisis took a lot of freedom away from all of us. But for Chester, it took away his favourite walks... mountain walks on the mourns.

We decided when the restrictions were lifted to take him on his very first camping trip! Honestly, we were kind of worried about the whole thing as Chester is sometimes nervous by nature and has never seen a tent before (nevermind slept in one). So we were preparing ourselves for the worst. We worried in case he wouldn't sleep and we would have to hike back down the mountain in the middle of the night and drive him home to the luxury of his own bed (my bed but may as well be his bed).

Luckily this didn't happen and much to our surprise he slept like a baby! He was also so excited to see the mourn mountains again.

And to make it better there was chicken for dinner, lots of chicken.

Now that the lifted restrictions allow us to hike up the mountains again, we should be seeing them more regularly, which Chester is very excited about.

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