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“The mountain are calling and I must go” J Muir

There is nothing quite like a full days hiking. We try to get into the mountains most weekends to wind down, switch off and explore. Chester loves coming with us he knows every route and even has his favourite mountain!

Now I‘m no hiking expert but I can give you an idea of what you should expect when hiking with your dog.

So first and foremost respect the rules and guidelines of the local area. You will likely cross private land to get access to the mountains. Some farmlands don’t allow dogs or require them to be keep on lead to protect livestock. It is super important you adhere to the rules to protect not only the livestock but future access to the mountains for all.

Don’t forget to bring supplies for your dog as you would for yourself. Food, water, towel and coat. On long hikes Chester will eat a least 2 pouches of wet food as well as snacks of chicken and sausage along the way. Chester will happily drink from a water bottle but we have a bowl and a litre of water just for him.

The weather on the mountains can change so fast. It can be 20 degrees on the ground yet colder on the summit its important to always be prepared. We carry a fleece coat and a water proof coat for him incase we get strong cold winds or heavy rain. On hot days we pick routes that we know have access to streams and rock pools so he can keep cool along the way. Snow Days are his favourite we make sure he is wearing a couple of extra layers for the summits, we dont hang around at the top we keep moving to stay warm. Adventure Awaits 😊🐾

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