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Puppy Proof Your Home!

Keeping your puppy and your valuables safe.

Welcome to puppy parenthood!

First things first - you are going to have to make sure your home is a safe place for your new puppy. Using a crate and puppy pen will be the best way to make sure the puppy is in a safe space when you cannot supervise them. Though because we know they will be allowed to explore their new home, we have created a list of things you may need to think about to ensure the puppy doesn't get into too much trouble.

Your Personal Items

From underwear to footwear. From ornaments to jewellery. The hoover hose to your hairbrush. If you treasure it and don't want it chewed, make sure it is well out of your puppy's reach. Puppies explore the world with their mouth and teeth and the fact they are teething means chewing everything is inevitable. Not only will they destroy your personal belongings they will be asked risk swallowing stuff that they shouldn't.

Electrical Cables and Electronic Devices.

Little puppies will want to explore every inch of your home and if they come across low hanging wires, there will be nothing more fun than pulling or chewing on them. You will need to make sure there is no access to wiring. Chewing through an electrical cable could cause burns in your young puppy's mouth (or worse). Leaving your mobile phone or remote controls lying around will also be asking for trouble so keep them well out of reach.

Rubbish Bins

If they figure out that there is food in there they will never leave it alone. They won't care how long the foods been in there or what kind of food it is, they will probably just eat it! Now, most human food will be too much for a puppy's sensitive tummy but it's also worth noting that there is a list of foods that are highly toxic to all dogs. Also, remember bins in bathrooms and bedrooms. The things we put in there could only be toxic but are liking to cause an obstruction in their intestines if they are swallowed.

Think about closing the doors to rooms where the puppy could rummage through the bins. If you keep the puppy in your kitchen it would be a good idea to remove the bin entirely. However, if it's not possible, think about putting your bin inside a cupboard or using a child safety lid.

Cleaning Products and Medications

Cleaning products will obviously be highly toxic for our puppies, so should be kept well out of the reach. You must also be careful with the cleaning products you use on floors, surfaces and to clean up after your puppy. These products must be pet-friendly. Always read the label to check.

Medication, whether human or a veterinarian should always be stored safely away. Some medications are used in both human and canine treatments but can be for very different purposes. NEVER give your puppy any medication that has not to be prescribed by your vet.


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