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A NEW puppy Facebook group is here!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since we've posted anything on our blog. This has mostly been due to the weird ways of the world that we've experienced in 2020 so far and because we've become increasingly busy since starting back to Teaching Tails.

What we did create during the lockdown however has us very excited! My friend Lorriane (Lead and Learn Training) and I discovered that there weren't many useful Facebook groups for new puppy owners in Northern Ireland. Whether to share their beautiful puppy pictures or to ask general advice on raising a new puppy. Therefore, we decided to start one up for ourselves.

Introducing... PUPPY POST NI

Our group is aimed at NEW puppy owners in Northern Ireland who are eager to learn and ensure that their puppy is happy, healthy and loved.

Within our new Facebook group, there is a UNITS tab that offers a whole bunch of useful information that you will need when first learning how to take care of a puppy.

When joining the group we ask that you answer a few questions before entering just so we can get to know you a bit better.

So if you've a new puppy and you're interested don't be afraid to join and get involved in all the fun & meet some new friends that love dog's just as much as you do!

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