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Pees & Poops

Hints & Tips for successful toilet training

An 8-week old puppy has a tiny bladder, it will be a while before they can hold the contents of it. Puppies will have no concept of where it is appropriate to go to the toilet in your home. This is where you play your part and teach them where you would like them to go.

So here are simple guidelines to follow when you are toilet training your puppy.

A puppy needs to be taken outside:

First thing in the morning

After eating

After Sleeping

After Playing

Before Bedtime

In the middle of the night if you really want to speed to process up.

Pees and poops outside = party time

Pees and poops inside = nothing happens and we mean nothing at all.

Following these guidelines will help with toilet training. Every time you take the puppy outside you should stay with them. You need to be there to reward them with praise and treats as soon as they have finished doing their business.

If an accident happens indoors and it will. Please clean it up, say, and do nothing. It can be frustrating we have been there but if you get angry with your puppy you can make them reluctant the go to the toilet in front of you. They will hide or wait until you leave before they go to the toilet. If this happens you will never be able to reward them when to get it right outside.

Remember reward them well when they get it right. What gets rewarded gets repeated.

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