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Dog's and Fireworks

Many dogs will be frightened by fireworks. Exposure to these loud sounds can leave your puppy trembling in fear. We want to give you some tips to help you get over the Halloween period.

For all puppies, we suggest slowly getting them used to the sound of fireworks. You can do this by playing firework sounds at a low volume while your puppy is doing something they love. The volume must be low enough that the puppy has no response to the sounds. Over a period of time, you will slowly increase the volume. Each increase should be done whilst the puppy is happily doing something else. This process takes time to be is certainly worth it.

Secure your garden or outdoor spaces but try to keep your puppy inside as much as possible. If your puppy needs to go outside to the toilet put them on lead. There is a massive increase of lost dogs during firework displays as they run off frightened when fireworks explode. To reduce their exposure to the sounds close windows and turn up the volume of the tv/radio. Provide a safe space full of fun for example tasty chews, new toys or scatter feeding.

If your puppy is already showing signs of noise sensitivity you could use some over-the-counter medications.

PHEROMONES - like Adaptil is available in a diffuser, collar or spray and can help with your puppy's anxiety.

Yucalm - A supplement that can help stressed or anxious dogs by supporting calming pathways in the brain.

For dogs with severe anxiety, it is best to speak to your vet for medication that will help.

PLEASE NOTE - Medications and supplements will need to be started weeks before to ensure the best results.

YOU CAN NOT REINFORCE FEAR - It was believed that if you comfort your fearful dog you will be reinforcing their fear. This is not the case so comfort your frightened dog with gentle strokes. Try to avoid repeating phrases such as "it's okay" etc. If you always use the same phrase when your puppy is anxious it can soon mean to them that it's not ok as they associate this phrase with their feelings of fear.


Using swaddling technology to calm your dog in situations where they feel stressed. The idea is that the pressure applied around the dog's chest and body makes the dog feel safe and secure.

All dogs will have a level of worry when they hear fireworks some will cope better than others it is our job as owners to know how to help them. So PREVENT, DISTRACT and LOTS OF LOVE should get them through the Halloween Festivities.

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