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All New Puppy Club 🐾

Whats involved?

❤️The aim of puppy club is to offer a safe environment for puppy socialisation.

🎢We have a puppy playground with fun obstacles for you to explore with your puppy and for them to enjoy with their new pupmates.

🚦The classes will be a mixture of on/off lead fun with breaks to teach puppy how to settle around other people and dogs.

☕️Owners will have the opportunity to ask question and chat about all things puppy with other owners as well as a qualified IMDT Trainer.

📔We will help you understand canine body language so you can recognise if your puppy is stressed. Learn what play is appropriate and when you should intervene.

❗️This will NOT be a free for all play session, it is still technically a training class. The session will be determined by the group of puppies on the day and their individual needs. So as much as we know it will always fun our priority is to ensure its a purely positive experience for all.

❓Who is it for?

These classes are suited to any puppy under 6 months of age.

✅If you are doing fine with training but are just looking to safely socialise your puppy this is for you.

✅If you are waiting to join a puppy class but dont wanna miss this early socialisation period this is a great way to get started.

✅If your already in class this is an opportunity for extracurricular activities.

❓Where, When, how much?

Every Sat at 12:30pm

Starts 19th Feb


Only 6 places available!

£15 per week!

Advance booking via website will be essential.

⚠️What are the rules? ⚠️

The first rule of puppy club is?

Tell everyone about puppy club 🐶😁

Click link to book your place! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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