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1000 miles for Fun!

Anyone Fancy A Challenge?

A few years back I took part in Country Walk Magazines 1000 mile challenge. 365 days to complete 1000 miles which works out 2.74 miles per day. Walking has so many health benefits both physically and mentally not just for us but also our canine companions.

I not one for New Years resolutions that mean I have to do less of the things I enjoy. Instead I like to challenge myself to do more or the stuff I love. So Chester and I will be completing the 1000 mile challenge in 2022.

Heres my new year list:

Explore places we have never been.

Notice the little things.

Make more memories.

Take more pictures (is that possible?)

Less screen time.

More family time.

Read more.

Learn more.

Hike More.

Worry Less.

Dog owners have no choice but to walk most days but if you feel you would like to join in the challenge we will put together a private Facebook group to help motivate and inspire each other. You will be able to share pictures of your walks, give each other ideas of places to visit. Share your achievements but always remembering its just for fun so there no pressure to finish.

If you are considering taking part and have a SENIOR dog or a PUPPY you may need to complete some of the miles alone. Same goes if your dog isn’t used to walking to many miles it is wise you build them up slowly, possibly breaking walks up in to shorter distance throughout the day.

PUPPIES tend to need less exercise than an adult dog. You don’t want to over exercise your puppy and risk joint damage. A general rule is 5 mins for each month of their life up to twice a day! So 20 mins for a 4month old pup twice a day, don’t worry though it’s a year long challenge they will be able to walk further the older the get.

If your dog is anything like Chester, your gonna need extra time for your journey! That boy can sniff, you won’t ever see us two power walking. He likes to take in as much of nature as he can and I let him, why not when it’s important to him. It is also important you allow time to just stop especially with puppies and adolescent dog. These breaks give them the opportunity observe and learn all about new environments, they are also learning it is cool to relax and do nothing outdoors.

So here it is, if your up for a New Year Challenge and would like some help, support, inspiration or just wanna share pictures of your dog leave a message below.

Cathy & Chester

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Fi Keane
Fi Keane
Dec 29, 2021

Hi Cathy can’t comment on the 1000 mikes post (probably me being a techno twit again) but Ruby and I are up for that for sure, thanks for posting

Teaching Tails
Teaching Tails
Dec 29, 2021
Replying to

Aw thank you that’s brilliant! Here is the link to the Facebook group!

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