Puppy Classes: Give your puppy the best start by enrolling in one of our 5 week puppy classes. 

Early training and socialisation is important for the development of a well balanced adult dog. 

Adult Dog Training: This is training for dogs 6 months PLUS.


It's a beginners dog training course, that is suitable for those wanting to continue from puppy training. As well as those who are just starting off their dog training journey. 

Loose Lead and Recall: This training course that will teach you how to connect with your dog in fun ways that will make lead walking more enjoyable and their recall more reliable. 

Trick Training: All dogs need enrichment. Physical activity is wonderful for your dog but they need mental exercise too. 

You and your dog will love our trick training class, your dog will enjoy earning their treats whilst learning something new. 

And you will learn new ways to show off to your friends.

Student Trainer Classes: Fun dog training for children aged 8-15.